What is a Custom Foam tray?

We are so glad you asked. Many people might get confused and think that a Custom Foam tray is something else. So, let’s just set the record straight with what it is NOT:

What a Custom Foam tray is NOT.

At first glance, the Custom Foam tray might look like a set of aligners. Aligners are invisible braces. Aligners are used to straighten teeth just as braces are used to straighten teeth. Aligners are made with a very thin, transparent, biocompatible polyurethane resin with is shaped according to your teeth. Aligners are worn 22 hours a day and a patient can have multiple aligners in order to get to the desired result. Custom Foam trays are not aligners and cannot be used to straighten teeth – in case you were wondering.

Bite plate
A bite plate is usually a small, plastic or acrylic, removable device that is given by dentists to patients that has an overbite or ‘deep bite’ or those who bite down really hard on their teeth A bite plate helps patients not to damage their teeth. Although the bite plate might look like a Custom foam tray, it is not the same.

Night Guard
A night guard are for those night-time grinders. Clenching teeth hard during the day or at night can cause major damage to your teeth, and even cause headaches. A night guard is usually worn at night to prevent patients from grinding their teeth. A night guard is often made from a see-through plastic or acrylic material that look similar to that of a custom foam tray, but it is not the same thing.

Sports Mouth Guard
A sports mouth guard is a vital piece of equipment for athletes who compete in a sport that might put your teeth in danger. A sports guard protects your teeth from a hard fall or flying object. A Sports mouth guard offers athletes peace of mind while they focus on what they do well. Don’t be fooled, a sports mouth guard is not a custom foam tray.

What a Custom Foam tray IS.

EverSmile developed a Custom Foam tray that can be used in conjunction with any EverSmile product for effective Cleaning & Whitening. A plastic mould for both the upper and lower teeth are in a box. These trays are custom, that means that they can be moulded to suite your teeth.

How does it work?
With an easy Boil & Bite system, the custom foam tray is ready to use in minutes:

Step 1 – Boil
Firstly, you need to boil some water. Allow water to reduce it’s heat so that it is hot, but not boiling hot. Place custom foam trays into hot water so that they can become bendable.

Step 2 – Bite
Immediately after trays were placed in hot water, it’s time to mould it. Take one tray at a time to mould to your teeth. Take a tray and place tray in your mouth to mould over your upper set of teeth. Bite down and wait for mould to cool and set according to teeth. Now do the same with the second tray and the bottom set of teeth. Custom foam trays are now contour to the surface of the teeth.

Step 3 – Sit
After the trays are customized to your teeth, it is ready to use. Simply pump 1-2 pumps of foam into your custom foam trays, place then in your mouth and wait for 3 minutes. Because of EverSmile’s foam, it travels in all directions in the mouth and between the teeth to give teeth (and braces) a deep clean. EverSmile’s hydrogen peroxide formula also provides whitening benefits.

Why choose EverSmile’s Custom Foam trays?

Easy – It ‘s easy to use with it’s boil and bite system and anyone can do it at home.

Cost effective – Using a boil and bite tray is an inexpensive way to get a dental cleaning and whitening for your teeth and even orthodontic appliances.

Effective – Because the custom foam trays are moulded according to your teeth, using EverSmile’s Foam will provide a more effective cleaning & whitening. With a custom fit, you get the best cleaning from EverSmile’s foams.

What products can I use with the Custom Foam Tray?

EverSmile’s OmniFoam – Cleaning of Implants, crowns and bridges.
EverSmile’s OrthoFoam – Cleaning of braces, brackets and wires.
EverSmile’s WhiteFoam – Cleaning of Clear Aligners & Retainers
EverSmile’s FreshDent – Cleaning of Dentures & Partials.
Eversmile’s AlignerWhite – Use this whitening pen inside your custom foam tray and have a whiter smile in minutes.

EverSmile’s custom foam trays will give you a deep all around clean with no hassle or fuss. Forget about spending huge amounts of money on in chair Cleaning & Whitening. Use EverSmile’s custom foam trays with its foams and feel confident about your smile in minutes.