Become a HappyFresh Brands stockist.

Looking to jazz up your dental practice and give your patients something extra to smile about?

Look no further than HappyFresh Brands! We’re not your average dental supply company – we’re the cool cats bringing innovation and excitement to oral care. Picture this: funky flavours, eco-friendly options, and smile-boosting goodies that’ll have your patients grinning from ear to ear.

Join forces with us and let’s sprinkle some HappyFresh magic into your practice. Because who says a trip to the dentist can’t be fun?

– Get Doctor’s prices!
– Schedule One-On-One days with our reps
– Free Brochures
– Display units available to purchase.
– Banners on request

How to order online

1. Register to become a partner.
Go to My Account and complete the registration form. We will require your Practice & VAT numbers. You will be advised of your login credentials immediately, however Doctor Pricing will only be available once your account application has been vetted and approved. You will be notified via email.

2. If you are already a registered Medical Practitioner on HappyFresh Brands, simply logon via My Account and the Product pricing unique to Medical Practitioners will be displayed.

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